Acne Prone Deep Penetrating Facial

Deep Working, Acne Busting, Hormone Balancing Facial Treatment

Customized Facial

All facials are customized to the needs of the clients skin and designed for deep cleansing, tightening of pores, firming of skins elasticity and relaxation of client. Want a more radiant, smoother skin… this is for you!


This is a facial for the feet. Clean, Mask, Exfoliate, Massage and Hydrate you feet. The ultimate relaxation for your feet and body!


The facial for your hand. Cleanse, Mask, Exfoliate, and Hydrate your hands. Silky, Silky, Silky is all you will think when we’re done!

Lash Extensions

Add volume and length and ART to your eye area with lashes. Great to have for that special occasion!

Make-up Application

Model Perfect Long Wearing Makeup for any special event. Flawless!

Make-up application: Special Events-evening

An extra special touch of elegance in this makeup application. Designed for the photographer to capture your model look and is worthy of any magazine cover!

Men’s Facials

A customized facial designed to men’s skincare needs. Designed to soften and eliminate bumps, sensitivities, roughness, blackheads and more. Very relaxing and effective.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Microblast your expression lines, blackheads, unwanted texture, scars and countless other surface and subsurface layers away with this facial for fractions of the doctor would charge. This is a INSTANT FIX to many unwanted problems. Worth every penny!

Repair and Restore Facial

Microdermabrasion treatment and Enriched complex for adding collagen and boosters to the skin that will hydrate and plump the skin for a more youthful, smoother, softer, bouncier, lifted skin. Recommended for 40+ skin!

Skincare & Makeup Application Lesson

Learn how to take care of and apply your makeup in a way you can feel and look like YOUR BEST YOU everyday and feel confident about your look! This is the ONE APPT that you can apply the WHOLE COST to your product purchases IF YOU CHOOSE.


Hair Care

Bang Trim

Bang only trim

Bleach Re-touch

Touch up the new growth. Bleach application only.

Bleach Virgin Hair

Bleaching hair that has NO COLOR of any kind on it. It is TOTALLY natural hair.

Brow Tinting

Color those brows to match the hair and cover unwanted gray when necessary.

Color (All over-one color)

Beautiful, vibrant, healthy color that lasts. Full head. Does not include cut or style out.

Color Analysis and Consultation

Have a color expert assess the needs and strategies with you before making a commitment to booking the service.

Combination: Haircut & Highlight

Combination appt: Highlight and Haircut. May cost more if a foil technique is used.

Combination: Color & Highlight (Partial)

Cover that grey or change color and add dimension for the look that turns heads!

Combination: Men’s Haircut & Color

Enjoy both getting your hair cut and colored and save time.

Combination: Men’s Haircut & Perm

Combination appt: Designer perm with haircut

Combination: Women’s Haircut & Color

Combination Service: Haircut and color appointment.

Combination: Women’s Haircut & Color & Highlight

Cover that gray or change that color and add dimension for a look that turns heads!

Combination: Women’s Haircut & Perm

Combination appt: Design haircut with full permanent wave.

Corrective Color

When color goes BAD we are the experts to color correct! This appointment is not easy to guess what time duration or cost point it will take to do the job right. Please be aware that this is totally dependent on what and how many colors need correcting. The more steps needed the more time and cost involved. Please be aware.

Foil Color-Highlight (Full head)

Accent your style with contemporary dimensional color. It MAKES the style come alive and sets you apart from all the rest! Foils vs. Cap allows your color specialist to decide how much and exactly where to accent your cut with color. There is no comparison! It’s the difference between color by number and a true artist!

Hair Consultation

Have a professional designer look at your hair to help guide you in the direction that is best for your beauty needs before committing to the service.

Highlights – Partial

Foiling dimensional color on part of the head. This does not include haircut or style.

Highlights by Cap

Add soft natural highlights all over. This service does not include cut or style.

Kid’s Cut (10 and under)

Enjoy a professional cut for your child. They want to look in trend too!

Men’s Haircut

Designer haircut for men.

Perm (Long-past shoulders in length)

A Custom Designed Curl for Long hair clients. Your curl to be successful will take longer to wrap. We make sure that you have the wrap that will provide THE LOOK we’re going for. It may cost a little more and take a little more time BUT the end result is worth it!

Permanent Wave (above shoulders)

This custom designed permanent wave is on half the head or less, therefore a lesser price. It does take the same time however as a full perm. No rushing chemical services:)

Relaxer Partial (half head)

Partial relaxer

Relaxing Full

Chemically relaxing even the curliest of hair.

Scalp Massage/Treatment

Exfoliate, open follicles, and relax to a therapeutic massage scalp treatment. Incredible!

Shampoo and Blow Dry Style

Easy breezy styling! Let our professionals do the work for you. It will look good for a few days!

Shampoo and Press Out (ethnic hair)

Shampoo, condition and press out style for the most bone straight, silky finish.

Temporary Color Deposit (no lift)

Want color without the chemicals? TEMPORARY Color is your answer.

Up-do Class Training

Two Part Class:Understand the art of designing up-dos and the simple rules to follow.

Up-do/Set & Curl Style

Enjoy the elegance and style for those special days you need it most. A look only the experts could give!

Women’s haircut (above shoulders)

The stylist at dfine Salon are masters at getting you a look that falls into place and works with you lifestyle, trend savvy needs, and hair texture and growth patterns. This is a full service hair appointment. As always, wash and blow dry are included in price.

Women’s Haircut (ethnic press out then cut)

Full Service ALL inclusive Wash, Press, Cut and Style Service for Ethic hair.

Women’s Haircut (Long: Below Shoulders)

Those of you with LONG hair will love the time and attention put into your design cut! No one does it better then your stylist!



Hair Removal

Body wax: Arm pits

Remove unwanted under arm hair and leave the area smooth and fresh!

Body wax: Brows

Brow shaping and waxing to make your eyes look popping, young & current!

Body wax: Chin (only)

Remove unwanted hair on the chin.

Body wax: Full arms

Remove unwanted hair on the arms easily.

Body wax: Full face

Remove unwanted hair on the face.

Body wax: Leg wax (knee down)

Bye bye shaving! No more blades, cuts, scraps, scars, stubble… Just silky legs!

Body wax: Leg wax (upper)

Want subtle, luxurious, smooth, silky legs for 6-8 weeks then waxing is for you!

Body wax: Lip

Rid yourself from all unwanted hair over the lip and under the chin area easily.

Body wax: Men (chest)

Hair removal of unwanted chest hair is easy and lasts for weeks.

Body wax: Men body (full back)

Remove unwanted chest and back Hair by waxing away what you don’t want. It stays gone for weeks!

Body wax: Middle brow

Remove that unwanted uni-brow area.

Body wax: Women’s body wax (chest/back)

Don’t deal with embarrassment when it’s easily removed!

Body waxing: Full leg

Combination appt: Save $ by waxing it all from Bikini Line to your ankles!




Piercing: Ears

Ear piercing with quality studs and instruction of care.



Wellness or Integrative

Blood Testing & Consultation

Our BLOOD tells the story and holds the KEY to our future! In this appointment we will look at your blood together and see the story it will clearly tell us about how your system is working and what areas, if any, it may be underperforming in. Then we can properly, with NO GUESS WORK, prescribe healthy suggestions to improve your overall performance. This appoint has the ability and potential to change your life!

Nutrition Class from a Cellular Perspective

Nutrition 101 is all about how our body works, our blood, the importance of enzymes, vitamins, & minerals and our ability to process foods. It will help you to know how to eat healthy or how to choose proper supplements and on those occasion when we eat on the go or by craving what to do so it doesn’t go straight to your waste:) The class will make you aware, think, and be equipped to do what is best for a healthy long life.

Wouldn’t it empowering if we could check our healths future and see what’s in store for us. Even better, would it be cool to be able to choose health instead of disease or fatigue or stop a virus in it’s tracks! The map to your health and the key to your victory is in the blood. It tells all! It doesn’t just think it’s doing good it knows! Now it’s your turn. This class will equip you with knowledge and blow your mind or your money back!